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Travel Diaries: Shopping Spree in Dubai “Have some baggage Space when you shop here!”
Posted on: 29 Jun 2016  |   Tags: Clothing: , Edibles: , Gold: , Shopping Spree in Dubai ,

  Dubai The Semi-arid land of culture gives you the opportunity to explore the markets which portray the best products for the entire world. Tourists from various countries never go empty handed whenever they visit Dubai. The markets (Souk) are full of luxuries and basic amenities for everyone. Here are five things which people have to shop for:  

  1. Electronics:
In Dubai, you get electronics of the widest variety and at bets prices available. Starting from the smart phones up to Play Stations, you can find everything possible.  
  1. Clothing:
Some shopping people do for clothing in Dubai; nothing else gets sold out that much that country. If you think you can get away from that place without buying clothes then my dear friend, you are wrong!  
  1. Footwear:
Again you have to buy the best brands footwear in this country. The range of designs is impeccable. So have some space in your luggage for footwear as well.  
  1. Gold:
Dubai’s Gold Market is well renowned in the world. It is famous not just because of the quality also for the designs and patterns craftsmen of Dubai provide. The Market itself is spell- bounding. So tourists have no chance of missing it at any COST!  
  1. Edibles:
Last but never the least the dry fruits and chocolates. You go to a country where there is ample amount of dry fruits and chocolates with a price tag which no one can avoid or miss. So, people tend to get them as well.   Here’s how you can go about shopping in Dubai. Nothing will stop you from getting these things in your luggage. Any plans to go there, log on to www.opulentuz.com and have you shopping trip to Dubai.

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