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Travel Diaries- Palm Islands (Dubai)

Travel to Dubai If I can call Dubai a ‘Mecca for tourism,' it wouldn’t be wrong! The Prime Minister of UAE is doing everything in his power to make it a tourist prone place so that it is can shake off the tag ‘Petrodollars’! Looks like his insatiable efforts of 20 plus years are finally paying off. The ‘Gulf of Persia’ has an extensive coastline which adds the necessary sparkle to this every crowded and happening city. To spice things up the Prime Minister decided to do the impossible by creating three Largest Man- Made Islands ‘The Palm Islands’; is not just a tourist attraction, it is an incredible engineering project of proportions. The plain serene coast of Dubai now hold  17- fronded palm tree made of three billion cubic feet of sand from the sea floor and is made with precise direction of  GPS. The trunk of it, is an expanse for malls and luxury hotels. McMansions are built on all the fronds, and there is a six-lane tunnel connecting the island to the crescent’s beaches. Middle East’s first monorail runs along the length of this island. You know the most unbelievable fact about this island? It can be seen from space as well.

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