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Requirements to acquire a Dubai tourist visa vary according to one’s nationality. The nationals of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are not required to have a visa before entering Dubai. At the same time, 33 other nationals can avail visa-on –arrival in Dubai. Countries, which are not included in the list of 33 nations, can acquire a tourist visa, sponsored by an entity locally, for ex: tour or a hotel operator,   operator. The validity of this visa, which ranges from 30 to 60 days, has to be acquired prior to the entry into Dubai.

Immigration consultants can surely guide you on the requirements of each of the nationalities, which will help in determining whether you come under a category of visa free travel or a visa on arrival or sponsored of a tourist visa by a local entity.

Opulentus has gained its fame from over the past decade for providing the best Dubai tourist visa services to its clients with regards to the documentation and the support.

Dubai tourist visas are usually valid for 30 days termed as short term visit visa or 90 days termed as long term visit visas.

Highly experienced professionals of Opulentus can guide on the requirement of short term tourist visa or long term tourist visa depending on the purpose of the visit. The cost towards acquiring the visa may also vary .The team with us can guide you on the fees towards acquiring Dubai tourist visa depending on the duration of the stay in the country.

Visitors, who have the necessity to enter Dubai multiple times, are made available with multiple-entry visas as a part of Dubai tourist visa program.

Opulentus, which has experience in providing wide range of tourist visa services, can guide you with all the information on the visas that are required for the purpose of entering the Dubai for multiple times and its associated cost.

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  16. I have a strong desire of visiting my dream country on Tourist visa. Can anyone please let me know the activities are permissible on ‘Tourist’ Visa?

    • In general a tourist visa is granted for applicants visiting their dream country for sightseeing,to meet their near and dear ones,casual visits or for recreations.

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