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New visa system has been introduced in typing center of Dubai.
Posted on: 31 May 2016  |   Tags: dubai , visa , visa system ,

The newly introduce visa system allows the residents to apply visas directly through the various typing centers of Dubai. The candidate can also do the renewal of visas at the typing center. The process can be conducted without visiting the general directorate of residency and foreigners affairs. Dubai visa newsThe system also introduce a toll free no to each of the center for help assistance. ID card center in Deira lunched its 800 IDCARD hotline on last Wednesday. The hotline is available in various languages such as English, Hindi, Arabic and Malayalam.  It assists the customer about the new UAE Vision system. Now the residents are not required to visit the general directorate of residency and foreigner’s affairs head quarters to apply and renew the visas. The immigration and the visa policy of Dubai now become easier. All the transaction will be carried out at the typing centers. The transaction systems include applying visa, renewal of residency, visa cancellation and other related issues The typing centers have a certified logo of GDRF which signify the typing centers approval for visa related transactions through the UAE vision system. According to GDRF rule and regulation the typing centers need the space of at least 1500 square meters. The managing director of ID card center said that the system introduced to provide the better assistance to the customer and reduce the frustration of visa issue by making it easier. The other related works are also done by the center such as attestation, legal translation, documentation for medical tests and the wages protection system. Visa applicants have to provide the correct bio data and information to the concern typing center. The typing center will have sent the email to the applicant of visa related transaction and courier to the applicant of residency visa service.

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