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MBR City will boost Dubai’s tourism

Apart from creating new jobs for professionals in the construction industry, residents of the emirate have predicted that the newly-announced Mohammed bin Rashid (MBR) City will give a boost to Dubai’s tourism sector, but some are worried about more money being spent on construction. Opulentus DubaiKhaleej Times caught up with a few residents and tourists who said that they were excited about the upcoming mega-project. Some said that they are looking forward to the next ‘biggest mall’ while others are looking forward to the 100 new hotels. However, a few said the timing of the project might not be appropriate since Dubai is still recovering from the 2008 economic crisis. Egyptian national Reema Makram said he was more confident about the project. “It should have been done 10 years back. It’s an ambitious investment and I think there will be plenty of foreign investment into the project.” Makram said that the population of the emirate was increasing by the day and more space was required to house the growing population. “The city needs to be expanded and the project will be great for the tourism sector.” Dubai resident and Mauritian national Vidoushi Ghurburrun said the project was ‘great’. “It will create new job opportunities for people and residents can look forward to new attractions, newer shopping avenues and more brands.” Indian national Abdul Ghafoor said: “I think it is a very smart project. Dubai is improving and this project will draw a lot of foreign investment into the city. It is not at all over ambitious.” Sri Lankan national Nil Kamal said: “A lot depends on the way the construction is carried out. If the project is phased out intelligently, there should be no problem.” German national Max Fuchs said: “There are too many malls and residential complexes here and many places are sort of empty. Dubai must instead focus on investing in sustainable projects, green energy and education.” Source: http://www.khaleejtimes.com/kt-article-display-1.asp?xfile=data/todayevent/2012/November/todayevent_November30.xml&section=todayevent

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