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Immigration official tips staff on positive energy
Posted on: 07 Feb 2014  |   Tags: Dubai Immigration Tips , Immigration to Dubai ,

Dubai ImmigrationDozens of staff of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFAD) have been tipped on how to move on with “positive energy” in a one-hour lecture delivered by the directorate’s director-general, Maj Gen Mohammed Ahmed Al Mur. Al Mur listed a number of tips to achieve one’s goals stressing living with optimism, working as a team, appreciating others, and paving solutions for challenges rather than being an onlooker. He made the presentation, the first on the topic, at the department’s headquarters in Al Jafiliya on Tuesday. “A challenge is not a problem, but it becomes one when you fail to look for its solution or when you administer a wrong solution to it,” he said. He also advised the staff to “initiate and modify what has been done other than repeating what has been already done by another. “You need to exercise your faculty of knowledge to bring out your ability,” he said, hastily adding that “extending charity to others costs you nothing. Respect others and smile at them, they will always reciprocate the smile.” He asked the staffers to live within their means. “When you have Dhs50,000, do not stretch yourself to buy a car of Dhs200,000. A person who never lives within his means is a prey and a problem to others.” Al Mur told The Gulf Today that he holds such lectures on a monthly basis on different subjects “chosen by colleagues. We want to advance what our leadership is championing: the honour of the United Arab Emirates. “Basing on this feeling, honour and energy, we have to look at the future with optimism because that’s how we shall be able to attain our noble goals.” One of the participants said that the director “made a very moving presentation yet in a simple and easy way. I wish he does the same to other staff in the gates of Dubai such as ports and customs.” When told about the staffer’s idea, Al Mur said, “I begin with my people here. We are a staff of 4,014 personnel.” Al Mur urged his staff to work as a team. “You can’t work in isolation and become successful. All of you wear garments of a boss at different stages of your work - depending on the responsibility and task at hand.” Source: http://gulftoday.ae/portal/e97d82b4-d6d6-4194-a639-debcc1f1fbd0.aspx

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