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How To Obtain Dubai Visit Visa To Travel Dubai
Posted on: 13 Sep 2014  |   Tags: Dubai Tourism , Dubai Visit Visa , Visit Dubai ,

Dubai Visit VisaDubai tourism, is a part of United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a significant division of the Dubai government's stratagem to sustain the flow of overseas cash into the country. A number of overseas nationals who desires to Visit Dubai must hold a Dubai Visit visa. Individuals from 39 countries and Gulf Co-operation Council do not need a Dubai tourist visa prior to their visit to the country. There exist a number of Dubai Tourist Attractions that tempts people to visit Dubai. According to the statistics Dubai enticed nearly 9 million of visitors, majority of them are from neighboring Arab nations. Visitors from across the world are also common.

Tourism in Dubai:

Most of the people entice towards Dubai tourist attraction places and plans to visit Dubai again and again. The government is planning some measures to make Dubai has a top tourist destination in the globe. In the year 2015, Dubai is anticipated to allure 15 million travelers from across the world to visit Dubai attractions.

Dubai visit visa:

Dubai Visit Visa is a temporary visa that enables foreign individuals to visit Dubai Tourist Attractions and stay there for a particular period of time. Usually, Dubai visit Visas are applicable for 30 day period (short-range visit visa) or 90 day period (long-standing visit visa), both are non renewable visas. Multiple-entry visas are authorized to Visit Dubai for a maximum period of 14 days every time or for six months commencing from the date of visa issued. Overseas nationals also visit Dubai on a transit visa for a period of 96 hours. The regulations for the Dubai visit visa are subjected to change.

Dubai Visit Visa requirements:

Foreign nationals who want to visit Dubai must meet the necessary requirements of Dubai Visit Visa. The prerequisites to apply for a visit visa depend on the individuals’ nationality. It is not possible to obtain a Dubai tourist visa without meeting the necessary requirements and eligibility criteria.

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