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Gulf route for Bollywood!
Posted on: 22 Jan 2013  |   Tags: Dubai Bollywood Relations , Movie Star Auditions in Dubai ,

If you have acting talents and are already in the Emirates, you can hope for a role in an action drama which is going to be made into a film in the Gulf. Bollywood director Sameer Khan is looking for latent acting talent among the expatriates here. He is obviously not looking for leading roles, as he says he wants to conduct audition tests for people to be cast in strong roles. Opulentus DubaiWhat more is there for you? You are already making dirhams or AED. Now, if you are cast in the film, you can hope to make it in Dollars, for the film is titled as such. For a few Dollars more, you may exhibit your acting prowess, too. Good looks can take one to Bollywood, for that matter any wood, Hollywood included. However, Sameer appears avant garde as he says he is not looking for good looks. He believes people with good looks can’t look beyond their noses. Now previously, if you had given up on Bollywood, you could renew your acting efforts and make it big as character actor. `Dollars’ is a Hindi feature film all right, but it is set against the corporate culture of the UAE. So whether you are British, Filipino or just about any expat will do for the film.

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