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Planning for a vacation with your family members to a beautiful place that is surrounded with picturesque beaches, landscapes and natural attractions? Well, let’s have a look into this world-class holiday destination that has outstanding shopping malls, hotels and beaches. Dubai is one of the top-notch destinations across world that will leave in awe with its luxury hotels and myriad skyscrapers. There is so much to see in Dubai, and we have complied few of the tourist attractions that would be helpful for you.

Dubai Top Tourist Attractions:

Burj Khalifa

This is the world’s tallest tower with 125 levels. Every level gives you some different experience with its historic monuments, malls and marvels. This skyscraper is one of the magnificent masterpieces of downtown Dubai.

Ski Dubai

This is an ultimate tourist destination that is surrounded with wintery settings. You can fun in 60000 tones of snow by indulging yourself in activities like snowboarding, tobogganing, skiing and snow penguins. Individuals of all ages can have lots of fun in this cool spot.

Palm islands

Palm Jumeirah, Deira Islands and Palm Jebel Alia are the three islands that are crafted in palm tree shape. These fascinating islands have luxury shopping malls, amazing tourist’s attractions were you can experience exciting world of leisure and entertainment.

Dubai fountains

We can find world largest dancing fountains with 22000 gallons capacity water spray in Dubai. These fountains shoot water to a height of about 500 feet and are illuminated with 25 colored projections and 6600 lights.

Dubai shopping festival

This is really a paradise destination for shopaholics. Along with ample shopping options, it does even offers great entertainment for individuals who move to its destination.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Here an individual can find live Dolphin and Seal Show, gorgeous bottlenose dolphins and their fur seals jump, juggle and their dance. You can also find laser show with great music to entertain the visitors. It also has 5D theatres where you can experience while watching movie like gusts of wind, leg tickling, flashing of light, seat vibration and much more. But to enjoy all its world-class attractions, one must know the basic process to apply for visit visa of Dubai. Know more about Dubai attractions and the applying process of visit visa of Dubai by approaching the professional consultants of Opulentus. Come to us today to gain detailed information on the updated norms of any sort of visa and clear all your concerns in no time.

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