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Dubai’s illegal immigration has been halved

DUBAI: Dubai police reported on Sunday that their efforts to register foreign workers via a new electronic system and increase the number of worker applications to the city in the United Arab Emirates has resulted in a massive reduction in illegal immigration since 2009. The report, published by the police, said that 22,000 illegal immigrants were arrested in 2011 in the city, a marked downturn from the 45,000 arrested in 2009. Police reported that the vast majority of those arrested were Asian migrant workers who had overstayed their visas. “The sharp decline in the number of illegal immigrants is the result of the United Arab Emirate’s efforts to curb illegal entry and stay in the Gulf Arab state,” Dubai Police said in a statement published by China’s Xinhua news agency. “In 2009, the UAE introduced a mandatory identity card for all its residents, making it impossible for illegal residents to apply for a driving license or even for a rental contract,” it added. The new identity card shows all personal data and includes biometric date with finger prints and eye scans.   Date: August 27th 2012 Link: http://www.bikyamasr.com/76402/dubais-illegal-immigration-has-been-halved/

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