Dubai’s skyline world’s best, says Hollywood star John Travolta on visit

Self-confessed “airline geek” John Travolta jetted into Dubai yesterday morning and declared the emirate’s skyline the best in the world.

Travolta famously shone as Danny Zuko in musical classic ‘Grease’ – and it seems the star and aeroplanes go together rather well.

The fully qualified pilot has been an ambassador-at-large for Qantas for more than a decade.

And following Emirates’ recent tie-up with the Australian national carrier, Travolta yesterday embarked on a five-day tour of Dubai.

The actor said his first glimpse of the emirate’s skyline while flying in first class from London on Qantas’s A380 that morning had left an instant impression.

“I don’t think there’s anything like it in the world,” Travolta told 7DAYS.

“It was a very nice final approach. It’s breathtaking, man.

“I’ve seen the pictures for years and it’s attracted me like a magnet.

“The skyline is outstanding – nothing compares to it.”

Dubbing Dubai “the ultimate futuristic city – it’s like a whole other universe here”, Travolta said he’d be keen to follow in the flightpath of Tom Cruise and do a movie in the emirate.

“If you wanted to get that illusion in a movie, there’s nowhere else in the world you would come but here,” he said.

Travolta’s new film, ‘Killing Season’, with Robert De Niro, is out now, and heis currently working on heist film ‘The Forger’ opposite Christopher Plummer.

Travolta said his love of aviation started at the age of five. He lived in New York on the flightpath to La Guardia Airport and would watch “all the aircraft of the day”.

The star learned to fly in his teens, eventually even acquiring an ex-Qantas Boeing 707 – and becoming “the first non-test pilot” to fly the Airbus A380.

The ‘Pulp Fiction’ actor, who is travelling with his family, said that other plans on his Dubai itinerary include a trip to the desert, riding a camel… and visiting “the building with the sail”.


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