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Dubai Tourism - Main attractions of Dubai

One of the best attractions in this world and one stop for all possible vacation luxury is Dubai. Dubai tourism has taken over the world in last few years among travellers, because of its many places of interest. Travel and tourism in Dubai is a flourishing business, so there are hundreds of websites available which can provide guidance and offer tour packages at affordable rates. Dubai Tourism No tour can be completed without watching an admirable show at the Dubai Opera. Seeing BurjKhalifa and admiring its magnificent architecture should be in the list of every visitor while being in Dubai. Spending an afternoon along Dubai Creek discovering the gems of Dubai by you should be in the check list while exploring Dubai for any avid traveller. The hot-air balloon ride over the sandy dunes of Dubai is a must experience for any adrenaline junkie. Climbing aboard, one must have a high-speed ride at IMG Worlds of Adventure. The famous shopping festival must be in the bucket-list of every shopaholic to enjoy their own little heaven in Dubai.

Staying at Dubai

The kind of visa one may need to enter the UAE depends on quite a lot of factors such as one’s nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its duration. The citizens of few countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Austria along with many others are given rights to avail visa on arrival, which could be valid up to 90 days. While other countries need to file for Visa in advance in order to stay in Dubai. The luxurious life of Dubai can be reflected in the ways such as phenomenal hospitality offered by Dubai. The beautiful resorts near beach area and exotic and happening night life has offered many places in past such as beautiful resorts and luxurious pubs.

Rules and Regulations while visiting Dubai

Since Dubai doesn’t follow democracy hence there are few rules and regulations that everyone must follow, while staying in Dubai for their vacation. Girls while visiting this place should avoid wearing stuff such as mini-skirts and any revealing clothes. Try avoiding dancing or playing loud music in public as it is banned in Dubai. Showing public display affection is offensive and anyone can be jailed for doing so. While consuming liquor, one should show their ID cards and then only consume it. Being a Muslim country, this place follows rules pretty strictly and is proud of that.

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