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Dubai is top tourist Destinations for foreign travelers

visit in DubaiOut of seven UAE countries, Dubai is the most admired and known for tourist attractions. From a population point of view, Dubai is placed top in Emirate countries. From the land mass point of view also, Dubai is placed second. The country has a strong economy and good employment opportunities. So, people from various countries are wishing to reside here. Dubai has created architectural wonders and attained a familiar place in the world for the wonders created by them. They are now in a process to acquire land from the sea and create small islands in the shape of palm trees. This is a exceptional idea and Dubai has gained mammoth popularity on account of this project. Dubai is famous for its oil and petroleum reserves. The lack of these natural reserves has been felt worldwide and consequently many developed nations have their eyes trained on Dubai for the supply of oil. Many people think that Dubai's economy is based on its rich natural reserves, but this is not the fact. The major revenue of the country generated from tourisim, trade, commerce and the finance sectors. Summer months are very difficult to bear as the heat becomes unbearable. The climate and weather see many variations during the months of summer and winters. Tourists and other visitors coming to Dubai generally prefer winter season as one is more comfortable shopping, sightseeing, etc. The culture of Dubai reflects diversity. The citizens of Dubai staying here are only 10%. Rest of the residents is basically immigrants who are settled here in search of jobs. Most of the immigrants hail from India, Pakistan, and Iran. Since people from diverse cultures, religions, countries, etc are settled here, its impact is reflected in the culture of Dubai as well. Dubai Shopping Festival is a very happening event organized on an annual basis. Over $4 million visitors visit Dubai during this time and the government is able to generate $1 B in revenues. The night life of Dubai is something that attracts people from all over the world. Transportation facilities in Dubai are well developed and shortly Dubai Metro services are going to start. Dubai City, a world famous city beckons tourists to experience the unique attractions offered. These are the major factors of Dubai attract the immigrants of various countries

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