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In the present globalized market environment, Dubai is one of the fastest growing metropolitan in terms of economy and density. The number of visitors are also increasing every year for varies purposes like for business or as a tourist. Dubai referred as a place of diversification in various aspects like business, culture, hospitality, weather, entertainment, greenery and places to visit. An individual should possess a Dubai tourist visa and Dubai transit visa in order to enter in to Dubai and other UAE nations.

The Australia and America nationals allowed staying in Dubai for 90 days, under Visitor or tourist visa where as remaining nationals, granted permission of 30 days to visit Dubai. One of the Prerequisites to attain a Dubai tourist visa is to have a valid passport and sufficient financial soundness for the visit. The necessity of Dubai tourist visa depends upon the nationality of the applicant. For instance if the applicant is from Israel, then he or she is not eligible to apply Dubai tourist visa, and nationals of Arab and Gulf do not require any distinct tourist visa to visit Dubai for a shorter period.

The main requirement to attain a Dubai visitor visa is the applicant should be sponsored by an individual staying at Dubai and earning at least 4000 Dhs per month. If the individual does not possess any relative or friend in Dubai, then the sponsorship of the individual is handover to the hotel where he or she had booked the tickets for their stay in Dubai. In these cases, the visa of the individual was under the authority of hotel management and handed to the visitor during their checkout from the hotel. Entry Service Permit is also one tourist visa, issued for a period of 14days, and it should also require sponsorship from the hotel where the individual stay or from the organization on whose he or she arrived to Dubai.

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