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Dubai International Airport deploys identity verification solution from AOptix

AOptix (www.aoptix.com), a technology innovation company applying optics to transform identity verification and wireless communications, today announced that in the first phase of deployment AOptix automated iris and face recognition systems will be installed at 100 immigration smart counters and Smart Gates at Dubai International Airport's Terminal 3, the world's largest airport terminal. Opulentus DubaiThe systems are being integrated and deployed by emaratech, a major regional systems integrator for government, border control, aviation security and electronic identification systems. The AOptix systems will authenticate iris and face images for travelers who enter or leave the UAE through Terminal 3. Last year more than 50 million passengers, including transit passengers, entered/left UAEthrough Dubai Terminal 3 out of which over 30 million were entry/exit transactions. AOptix systems are expected to dramatically speed passengers through immigration while ensuring the highest level of security. The airport plans to expand this system to all four of its terminals and process some 75 million passengers a year through immigration by 2014. emaratech selected AOptix for its high throughput, highly accurate, automated identity verification capabilities. "AOptix systems provide cutting-edge identity verification that not only makes travelers safer, but creates a more pleasant, customer-friendly travel experience, which complements emaratech's secured and efficient border control processes and systems," said Thani Alzaffin, Director General and Board Member, of emaratech. "We will be able to dramatically reduce the time people spend going through immigration, ensuring their smooth passage through the airport." Currently Dubai uses eGates alongside traditional border control counters. "With the help of emaratech and AOptix, we are building on Dubai's leadership in providing the most secure and convenient iris-based recognition systems to benefit people traveling through our airport," said Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, Director-General of e-Services at GDRFA. "Since Dubai is one of the world's fastest growing airports, it is important that we continually employ the latest and best technology to serve the needs of our passengers." "Our identity verification systems are uniquely suited to handing the passenger traffic needs of Dubai International Airport," said Dean Senner, Chairman and CEO of AOptix. "We currently authenticate millions of passengers per year in some of the world's busiest airports and border crossings. The Dubai deployment will be the largest automated immigration system in the world and will transform the travel experience through this rapidly growing travel corridor. We appreciate the confidence that the GDRFA and emaratech have placed in AOptix." Source: http://www.ameinfo.com/dubai-international-airport-deploys-identity-verification-315447

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