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Dubai -A land where buildings and skyscrapers are built to cherish for a better tomorrow

iconic Burj khalifa - Dubai Travel VisaThe iconic Burj khalifa is a sky dawning monumental structure which is one of the tallest building to be built till date. It is 828mts tall .It has attracted many tourist since it built is an exclusive place to demarcate your checklist to make yourself available at any cost. You can view the clouds or you can have glance at city view all at one stage is an complete experience a tourist can wish for.

Palm Jumeriah which is regarded as the eight wonder in the Arabian gulf .Its an island which is in the shape of palm tree with market places to luxury beaches. You can find various hotels,restaurants to dine in and enjoy the scenic viewpoints.

Jumeriah Mosque is the key highlight of the city premise. It's religious influence among the locals and the visitors. The architecture of this mosque depicts “Gods Own Land” built for worship of all. The mosque gives a complete preview of Dubai’s culture,beliefs.religious and its values for Islam.

The Museum at Dubai has all the artifacts of the ancient ancestral period with the use of pique technological advancement which adds flavor to all the accomplishments being viewed by the tourist as a token from the past. The museum is located at the Al Fahidi fort .

Ski Dubai welcomes the visitor in a world of artificial created snowfall with a winter set-u to lure the tourist of a cool set-up which can calm your nerves and relax your mind.There are many other retreats which are Penguins playing in the snow,theme based restaurants and other fun filled activities.

There are various water parks and aqua delight to ease the tourist tiring day with adventure sports with water. The other places to visit are the Ferrari world,Dubai desert convention Center,Al Bastakiya,Emirates towers,Jumeriah Beach,water parks and many other which would prove your visit to Dubai worthy of every possible penny you spend.

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