Visa requirements and residence permit in Dubai

Dubai Residency Visa for ParentsAre you planning to migrate to Dubai permanently? Pondering on How to get Dubai Residency Visa? Hassled and confused on Dubai Residency Visa Rules? Well, here we have presenting apt answers for all your queries. Dubai is the most popular second largest emirate after capital in territorial size. It attracts all the tourists with its cleanliness, modern architectural marvels and shopping hubs.

To enjoy all of its pleasures and attractions permanently from job seeking to work, an individual would require Dubai Residency Visa to reside in this emirate.

Before planning for Dubai Residency Visa solitarily or Dubai Residency Visa for Parents, you are requested to complete few of the regulatory formalities to experience smooth ongoing.

If any of your family members are residing outside UAE, an individual must first apply for entry resident visa and then for resident stamp within 30days after their arrival.

Criteria: aspirants monthly salary must not be less than AED 4000 or AED 3000 +

Dubai Residency Visa Requirements

  • A typed application form along with salary certificate for an government employee or an indicated work contract for others
  • Submission of one month bank statement is necessary for new residents and three months bank statements for long time residents
  • An individual can also bring salary transfer documents if he/she has
  • Attested rental agreement, Emirates ID card and labour card
  • For spouse sponsorship aspirant is requested to bring Marriage certificate that has been confirmed by UAE authorities
  • Original passports and its copies of family members
  • Medical checkup reports from authorized clinic of family members and their passport size photos, 3 of each

So, people from the respective countries must meet the necessary Dubai Residency Visa Requirements to obtain Dubai Residency Visa.

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