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Burj eye view is dizzying!

How do you like to go up Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, and see the surroundings as far as your eyes could see! That is one singular sight to see if you happen to be in the Emirate. Even if you are not there, no worry! Someone has taken a 360-degree panoramic view from atop the 828-metre-high structure. The view of the footage recreates the scenery of what actor Tom Cruise made famous while filming ‘Ghost Protocol,’ Mission Impossible Four. Opulentus DubaiThe interactive imagery from above the Burj actually comprises 70 different pictures which when collaged together give a circular view. If you could just get to see the pictures, you will have to thank the Dubai-based lensman Gerald Donovan. As it happens, sometimes pictures tell a story better than the actual act of seeing with your own eyes. However, if you wish to view the scenery, then you will have to make the trip to Dubai and go on sightseeing there. If you are not in a position to do so immediately, then you may have to await the panoramic view to be put on the internet.  That will enable you to watch it from the safety of your home and PC.

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