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Best Souks in Dubai - Visit Dubai

Dubai Tourist visa - Dubai Souk (Market Place in Dubai)The kingdom of desert United Arab Emirates gifts the world the lavish city, Dubai! The city serves the world with its luxurious life. From big towers to shopping malls to small Souk or Market, you can find it all in Dubai. Dubai has a big market place offering various types of merchandise. Specially the jewel of gold, perfumes, dry fruits, spices and fabrics.  Below are the signature souks of Dubai: Gold Market:  Dubai, “the city of gold”, the Gold Souk is a must visited place by a general tourist or by a business person looking ahead for trades. It will attract anyone. Thousands of tourists all over the world has make the gold market the most visited place.  The gold are so pure. You cannot stop yourself from buying the shining metal. Lots of designs in jewellery and the lucrative cost will allure anyone to purchase the gold. There are thousands of gold souk around Dubai. With the precious metal, you will carry Dubai to your home. Spice Market: A close competitor of the Gold Souk is the spice souk. Your taste bud cannot skip the taste of the Arabian spices. Might be the best of both world. The exotic odour of spices will beat your sharp nose. You must bring gold bright saffron from the spice souk. Perfume Souk:  It is the perfect place for perfume lovers. From all over the world the traders import the best quality perfume to spellbound you. Moreover, one can get the personalized fragrance to create a new zeal for themselves. Textile Market: If you Visit Dubai and miss the soft touch of silk then your tour is incomplete. The soft silk with the exotic touch of fashion will mesmerize you. There are huge collection of Arabic textile with modern touch. Souk Madinat:  Souk Madinat Jumeirah is the peaceful place. If you want to have a silent good day out from the busy Dubail, you can spend your time doing shopping here and hanging out. Fulfil your visit with a drink in front of the iconic Burj Al Arab. The Dubai Mall  :  Dubai is the home of big sizzling malls. You cannot find such incredible art of engineers or architecture anywhere in this world. The Dubai mall is the biggest mall in the world. Every mall offers movies, galore, food, sports corner everything under same roof. You may spend a day to explore the wonders in desert. Related articles:

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