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Arab Spring puts Dubai in fast steps

The Arab Spring has helped Dubai in many ways, including tourism, with over 5 million tourists making it to the Emirate in 2012. That these are not just transit visitors has been confirmed by hotel records that show healthy tourism. The duty-free status of Dubai and the annual shopping festival there maintain and keep up tourist arrivals year after year. Opulentus DubaiThe Arab Spring has, however, left Egypt of the Pyramids with a reverse pyramid so far as tourism is concerned. Now those in tourist business find more knick-knack sellers around the Pyramids than tourists. Just 2 years ago, the tourists had to wait for their turn to take pictures around the Pyramids. Now there are not any. An Egyptian tour guide and post-graduate in Egyptology says he has already cut down on three square meals a day to two. He prided himself for voting Muslim Brotherhood to power in his country following the Arab Spring. Now he finds his country lacking a spring in its step and faltering. Next time, he says, only the economy would be the guiding him as for voting. Tunisia, where the Arab Spring began in 2010 with a hawker committing suicide over oppression by his country’s regime is surprisingly doing well in terms of tourism, with over 6 million tourists visiting Tunis.

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